Inflatable Snowshoes

Bulgarian company Any Exit has created a pair of inflatable snowshoes for backcountry snowboarders. As carrying regular snowshoes isn't always practical, the inflatable snowshoes offer some sweat relief to booting up or hiking out in waist deep snow.

The inflatable snowshoes are compact, light and strap securely to your feet. The two pocket size housing bags can be thrown in your pack or attached to your pants or jacket. Each bag carries an inflatable snowshoe with room enough for the inflation pump. 

Inflatable Snowshoe

To use, simply pull out the snowshoes, inflate with the hand pump and fix to your boots via the straps. Once you have arrived at the line you plan to take, simply deflate and throw them back in your pack. You are ready to ride. 

I am wondering how much these inflatable snowshoes will actually keep you from post holing as you don't have the surface area of a regular snowshoe but you do have a bit of air inflation on your side. 

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  1. Check out the web site, again. They came up with an addition to the Airlite Snowshow. That tracion device looks like it willk work for just about anywhere. Notice that the nail has a hard time putting a hole in the material. If these things are this tough and now traction for most all situations, I’m sold. Only 17 oz’s each.

    Also, I have it on good authority, that the Little Foot Snowshoe built in Bulgaria can NOT be sold in, shipped through, or made available to the USA because of Patent infringment laws. Go figure.

  2. when will these be available? ever? never ever allowed in the sates?
    looks like an awesome idea!

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