New Backcountry Adventure Snowshoes From Atlas

Atlas Backcountry Adventure Snowshoes

For the snowboarder looking to access those remote, untouched lines or the ambitious snowshoer wanting to head high up into the mountains, the new Atlas Backcountry Adventure Series snowshoes are for you. Lightweight with an innovative new construction, the Aspect snowshoe pushes Atlas further into the technical leadership realm. 

With the brand new ReactiV-Trac Frame, Atlas has taken the traction rails from beneath the softdeck and integrated them directly into the snowshoe frame. By placing the rails in line with the outer edges, you will have better grip, especially when traversing. The stainless steel Holey-1 toe crampon ensures you get a deep hold on the snow. 

Spring-Loaded Suspension keeps the snowshoe close beneath your foot, meaning you can easily walk backwards without tripping. An elliptical shaped nose facilitates a more natural and comfortable stride. 

A key feature for hiking up mountains is the heel lift bar to take the strain off of your calves and save you some energy. A shallower nose angle, coupled together with the collapsible PackFlat bindings that accommodate larger snowboard or mountaineering boots, make for easier storage on your backpack.

The Infinity Decking maximizes surface area so you remain on the top layer of snow. The Aspect snowshoe binding also includes the Atlas BC Utility Strap for those backcountry emergencies.

The Atlas Backcountry Adventure Series snowshoes will be available in 24" and 28" sizes and retail for $269.95. For all things snowshoeing, including trail maps and technique tips, check out, a snowshoeing community site created in partnership with both Atlas and Tubbs snowshoes. 

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