Uvex Air Control Custom Fit Ski Helmets

Uvex Air Control Custom Fit Helmet

First seen in the Uvex Core Range HLMT 7 Air ski helmet, the Uvex air control fit system will now be rolled out across more of the ski helmet range. Uvex air control uses air chambers to enable precision adjustment for the perfect, customized fit, no matter your head shape or size.

The Uvex air control system is built into the inner helmet and wraps around the back of your head 270 degrees from temple to temple. With the push of a button, the air chambers inflate to mold to the exact form of your head. You can easily operate the air release valve as well as the air pump button with gloved hands.  

Uvex air control helmet

Uvex's Uvison and X Ride Motion helmets will both incorporate the air control system as well as a lockable venting system to help regulate temperature. Using air channels, the venting system traps or disperses heat depending on the conditions. The staggered ventilation openings between the shell and inner lining are combined with strategically placed air ducts to eliminate any direct air drafts.

Additional helmet features include removable ear covers with an acoustic membrane to ensure you hear natural ambient sounds when skiing. Every Uvex ski helmet is equipped with an integrated headband holder to securely fasten your goggles to your helmet. 

The new Uvex air control ski helmets, including the X-Ride Motion Air series (€149.95) and the Uvision Pro series (€169.95), will be available starting Fall 2011. 

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