Fimbulvetr Reinvents The Snowshoe

Fimbulvetr snowshoes

Believing that standard snowshoe design leaves much to be desired, Norwegian company Fimbulvetr (Old Norse for The Great Winter), set out to create a stronger, lighter, more durable, and ergonomic snowshoe from scratch. The result is a unique honeycomb rocker design that floats like a dream and acts like an extension of your foot, giving you more freedom of movement over all types of terrain.

Looking for a exceptionally strong, durable material, Fimbulvetr snowshoes turned to Dupont Hytrel, a thermoplastic elastomer commonly applied in car engines and shock absorbers. Hytrel has the added benefit of being fully recyclable.

Each snowshoe is molded into an asymmetric unibody, matching your foot shape for a natural stance and unconstrained movement when walking. Double curved surfaces add structural stiffness and grip with minimal material usage. The unique honeycomb pattern not only cuts down on weight, but helps with torsional strength and flotation. 

Probably the most unique design detail on the Fimbulvetr snowshoe is the patented all direction hinge. The hinge enables smooth weight distribution for maximum grip, even when you are traversing steep slopes or running downhill.  

The slim profile B4 Binding is simple to use and extremely durable. The Fenris Crampons bite hard into rough snow and ice. With only 12 total components in the snowshoe, there are less pieces for potential breakdown out on the trail. 

All this innovation does not come cheap, however. You can pre-order your Fimbulvetr snowshoes for $500 from the company website. 


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