Montrail Declares Every Season Running Season

Montrail OutDry

Montrail believes there is no reason to be stuck running indoors on a treadmill next Fall 2011. With the introduction of OutDry waterproof breathable technology into Montrail's trail shoes and hiking boots, your feet will not care if it is wet, cold and dark outside. 

The lightweight OutDry waterproof breathable membrane is heat sealed to the trail shoe or hiking boot upper. This means there is no hollow space between the two for debris and water to collect. Your trail shoes remain light, flexible and dry, regardless of the conditions- no more sloppy fitting or soggy shoes. 

The trail runners also feature Montrail's FluidPost Technology– a midsole that gives you personalized pronation control over uneven trails. FluidPost delivers on-demand support for each individual foot strike, enabling a natural, balanced stride. 

Montrail Mountain Masochist

For Fall 2011, the award winning Mountain Masochist is one of the trail shoes to be updated with OutDry waterproof breathable technology. The Mountain Masochist OutDry is a light and responsive trail runner with medial posting for aggressive terrain. Full Foot Trail Shed protects your foot from sharp debris and the Gryptonite outsole, with digging lugs and angled blades, gives you extra grip on muddy and loose terrain. 

So throw on your Montrail waterproof trail runners and let the refreshing cold air hit your lungs.

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