Beal’s Crash Pad Protects You From Big Air

Beal Big Air Crash Pad

The Big Air-Bag from Beal will quickly become your full sized friend on the bouldering circuit. Constructed out of triple density covered foam, the crash pad delivers soft landings every time. 

At roughly 6 ft x 3 ft (180 cm x 100 cm) and weighing 16 lbs (7.4 kg), the Big Air-Bag is substantial enough to create a large fall zone or even for taking a nap on at the crag. The crash pad simply rolls up on itself into the covering flap, making it quick and easy to stow. The three-way carrying system with removable straps can be adjusted so you can carry the crash pad like a backpack.

Beal's VERSO concept lets you choose the type of landing surface you want depending on the height of the fall or jump you might expect. For high falls, the harder top side will help soften the landings and keep you from bottoming out, while the softer under side will give you more comfort in sit starts or falls from lower heights. 

Beal's Big Air-Bag crash pad retails for roughly $250 and is available now. Unless you speak French, you will not be able to understand the product video below but you will enjoy watching the cheesy Gilles Estrambouli prancing around in blue tights nonetheless. 


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