Open Your Beer With These 10 Pieces Of Gear

Gear with beer opener

We all know that playing in the outdoors and drinking beer go hand in hand. These ten pieces of gear will not only provide some sort of function during your outdoor activities but will ensure you are never left unable to open that bottle of frosty cold goodness at the end of the day. 

1. OR Summer Odd Job Fedora Hat

OR Summer Odd Job

The Summer Odd Job Fedora hat from Outdoor Research offers lightweight, moisture wicking, protection from the sun. This hat will take you straight from the trail back to beer at the car with the classic bottle opener attached to the crown. MSRP $40

2. Patagonia Tech Web Belt

Patagonia Tech Web Belt

Patagonia's Tech Web Belt is not only handy for protecting you from pants on the ground syndrome, but the forged aluminum buckle also doubles as a bottle opener at the end of a hot day. MRSP $25

3. Cycle Dog Collar

Cycle Dog collar

All the Cycle Dog collars are made from recycled bike inner tubes with leash attachment rings that double as a bottle opener. MSRP $25 

4. Sierra Designs Herald and Rejoice Backpacks

Sierra Designs Herald Backpack

The new Herald and Rejoice hydration ready day packs from Sierra Designs not only feature the new Fulcrum Suspension System, but come with an integrated bottle opener on the strap. MSRP $160

5. Timbuk2 Beer Candy

Timbuk2 Bottle Opener
The Timbuk2 Beer Candy is made from anodized aluminum and secures right to your messenger bag strap ensuring you will never want for froth or friends. MSRP $7.50

6. Columbia Landslide Hoodie

Columbia Landslide Hoodie

The Landslide Hoodie from Columbia features two front pockets designed to hold two beer bottles or cans. The built in bottle opener on the hem of the hoodie will save your teeth or the picnic table from bottle cap destruction. MSRP $75

7. Reef Fanning Sandals

Reef Fanning Sandals

The Reef Fanning sandal has a built in church key bottle opener, perfectly nestled in the sole. The integrated bottle opener makes these sandals a mandatory accessory for the beach, crag or even a night out on the town. MSRP $48

8. Rodriguez Bicycle

Bottle opener Rodriguez Bicycle

The Rodriguez bottle opener is an exclusive, touch of class that you'll only find on a Rodriguez Bicycle. This stainless steel accessory comes standard on the Rodriguez touring bikes, brazed onto the seat stay.

9. Yakima HItch Mount Bike Racks

Yakima Hitch Mount bike racks

The majority of Yakima's hitch mount bike racks include an integrated bottle opener. Yakima figured you would want a beer at the end of your ride but wouldn't be able to carry a bottle opener wearing head to toe spandex. 

10. iPhone Case

Be A Head Case

The new hard shell plastic and rubber coated iPhone case from Be a HeadCase features a built-in stainless steel bottle/can-tab opener on the back. The case comes with an app that plays a sound or song and displays a photo every time you crack open a beer. MSRP $16

Do you know of some other gear with built in bottle openers?

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