5 New Timbuk2 Products To Look After Your Gadgets

Timbuk2 Control laptop Case

Yesterday I was invited down to the Timbuk2 offices and factory in San Francisco to have a look at their new Fall 2011 line. Some of the new products are available now and the rest will be coming online in July. One big focus for Timbuk2 going forward is designing products to take care of your ever growing arsenal of gadgets.

Below are 5 new Fall 2011 products that I thought were pretty cool for looking after all of your electronics. 

1. PopUp

Timbuk2 PopUp iPad Case

The PopUp is a protective case designed for the iPad and iPad2 (including SmartCover). Made from high-density foam, the case will protect your iPad from the occasional bang ups and heaven forbid drops. The faux fur lining can be used to clean your screen and protect it from scratches. Ingeniously, the PopUp doubles as a viewing stand so you can go handsfree on the airplane. MSRP $39.

2. Kickstand

Kickstand iPad Case

The Kickstand is a foam shell sleeve that protects your iPad and doubles as a viewing platform and work stand. You can prop up your iPad in two orientations, horizontal or vertical, and at different levels for either typing or viewing. The faux fur lining keeps the screen clean and protected from scratching. MSRP $49

3. Control

Timbuk2 Control laptop case

Admit it, most of us who bought an iPad to make traveling easier, actually end of bringing both our iPad and our laptop along. The Control laptop case features an external, double sided laptop/iPad compartment that zips open flat, making security checks at the airport a breeze. A special pocket at the bottom of the laptop case houses your power cords and other accessories. MSRP $89

4. Snoop Backpack

Timbuk2 Snoop Backpack

For all you adventure photographers out there, if you like the Snoop Messenger, you will love the new Snoop Backpack. The backpack version comes with the same removable padded protection for your laptop, camera body, lenses, flash and batteries. MSRP $149.

5. Beer Goggles

Beer Goggles

OK not exactly protection for your gadgets but the Beer Goggle glasses case was way too cool not to write about. What better way to protect your sunglasses from getting crushed and scratched inside your messenger bag than to store them in a beer can fixed to your strap? MSRP $25

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