Bring Back The Bike Skids

Retrospec Siddhartha cruiser bikes

Remember your first bike as a kid? Along with the banana seat and handlebar streamers, you most likely had coaster brakes, coming to a stop by pedaling backwards and possibly throwing in a sideways skid for good measure. Well now you can relive your glory days with the new beach cruiser from Retrospec.

Called the Siddhartha, the beach cruiser marries a fixie frame with old school parts. Minimalist and simple in nature, the cable-less design brings you back to the days when your bike simply took you from point A to point B, allowing you to savor every minute of the journey. 

Accents on the Siddhartha cruiser bike include a comfortable leather seat that matches the soft leather grips adorning the mustache handlebars. A Quando rear hub houses the coaster brakes and fat tires (700 X 32) from CST make the bike comfortable to ride. 

As coaster brakes are prone to overheating and fading in hilly or mountainous areas, this cruiser bike is definitely meant for a simple trip around town or back and forth to the beach. To keep the price affordable, the Siddhartha does not appear to have a front brake backup in case the coaster brakes fail. 

The Siddhartha comes in 5 colors and retails for $300. Right now the beach cruiser can be yours for $240 via an exclusive sale with private member site Huckberry.

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