IKEA SLADDA – A Flat Pack Chainless Bike

IKEA Sladda

Next time you head to IKEA for that meatball fix while you grab a NORDLI chest of drawers, you will be able to pick up a bike at the same time. Looking to completely change the urban bike market, IKEA created the multi-gender, customizable, easy for the whole family to use SLADDA bike. And yes, it comes flat pack.

From the beginning, IKEA set out to design a bike that needs little maintenance and is accessible to all as a viable urban transportation option. The company partnered with Veryday design studio to produce the lightweight, aluminum bike that features an adjustable seat as well as handlebars–this means, according to IKEA, that anyone over the age of 12 can use it.

A rust- and oil-free belt drive will last for more than 9,000 miles according to the company and means the bike can be store outside without the fear of ruin. The bike switches gear automatically and as the name suggests (sladda means “skid” in english), the bike features skid brakes.

Comparing the SLADDA to an app on your phone or tablet, a special “click system” allows you to attach accessories such as racks, front basket, panniers that double as a backpack, and even a two-wheeled rear trailer. The attachment system is standardized and open so that external parties will be able to create various accessories for the bike going forward.

As this is IKEA, the SLADDA will of course comes as a flat pack and the design means it can be put together without any technical expertise. The bike will be available in 26- and 28-inch models for a limited time. SLADDA will debut in European stores in August for a retail price of $797 (rest of world to follow). Members of IKEA’s loyalty program will be eligible for a limited offer discounted price of $569.

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