Xplova Bike Computer And Action Camera In One

Xplova X5

Most of us carry a cycling computer on our bikes and if we want to capture photos and video, an action camera as well. This creates a bit of a mess on your handlebars, not to mention the double charging effort when you get home. To keep you from having to carry two separate devices, Xplova, owned by PC giant Acer, has merged them both into one.

The Xplova X5 combines a full-fledged GPS cycling computer with a built-in action camera. Instead of having to remember to hit the record button at just the right time to capture all the best ride action, the device can be set to automatically record short highlight clips based on your own defined triggers. Those triggers can include heart rate (record a video when you hit a peak heart rate), when your speed exceeds a certain threshold, or you pass GPS coordinates for notable landmarks or particularly scenic and interesting sections of your ride.

Through the accompanying phone app, you can choose which clips you want compiled into a video that you can then upload to all your favorite social media channels. The video cycling computer offers ANT+ support for all your external sensors, delivers 6+ hours of battery life, and is IPX7 waterproof rated.

Built-in 3G data communication allows you always stay connected on your ride with social media, location information, or sending and receiving routes. This information communication enables you to live track the location of fellow riders on the app when you are out on a group ride.

On the Xplova website, you can create routes that you then sync with the X5 for navigation help. The device gives you accurate directions at every junctions of your route, and keeps you informed of upcoming ride data such as the distance to your next wait/rest point, distance to the next climb and its length and elevation, and important markers such as water stops.

Xplova has yet to release pricing data on the X5 video cycling computer but delivery is expected sometime this fall.

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