Everybody’s Kung Foon Eating On The Trail

GSI Kung Foon

You may never end up eating chinese food on the trail, but the new chopstick and spork (or foon in GSI speak) combination adds a whole new level of fun and functionality to the lowly utensil. You will thoroughly impress your friends when you pull the Kung Foon out of your pack and start stirring the boiling pasta without burning your hand. 

As with other GSI foons, the Kung Foon maintains its compact shape while performing the duties of both fork and spoon. Adding yet another level of muti-functionality, GSI gave the utensil some extra reach and fun eating factor with the addition of a pair of chopsticks. 

The chopsticks slide into the handle of the Kung Foon to create a longer utensil you can use to cook with or scoop out that last morsel of your re-hydrated pouch meal. The foon itself is multi-functional with barbed tines for stabbing that hot dog and a deep spoon bowl for soups or cereal.

Available starting January, the Kung Foon comes in stainless steel/plastic ($9.95) or titanium/rosewood ($16.95) and includes a custom stamped, steel gift tin to carry your precious piece of backcountry gear.

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