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Suunto Quest Pack training watch

travels runs further into Polar territory with the new Suunto Quest outdoor training watch. The new Quest offers you all the benefits of the Suunto M5 fitness watch, but with added functionality for the outdoor athlete. 

In addition to the outdoor training watch, the entire Suunto Quest Pack includes a Dual Comfort Heart Rate Belt, Foot POD Mini, and Movestick Mini. Weighing only 0.3 oz. attached to your shoe, the Foot POD Mini will accurately measure your speed, distance, and cadence during your trail runs. Using an accelerometer, the foot pod can instantly react to your changes in speed over uneven terrain for a more accurate reading.

For those of you into minimalist or barefoot running, watching closely to ensure your cadence remains high can be beneficial to maintaining your form. The Dual Comfort Belt measures you heart rate in real time for added training targets.  

The Movestick Mini included in the Suunto Quest Pack enables you to upload your workout data to Movescount.com and download training plans to your outdoor training watch. On the website, you can customize your watch display, set your heart rate and speed limits, specify data you want recorded, and further analyze your performance. 

Similar to the Suunto M5, the Suunto Quest will suggest intensity levels for your next workout and indicate how much recovery time you should take after each workout. The three button watch interface is easy to use and will also allow you to simply tap the face of the outdoor training watch to record a completed interval lap. 

Sticking to the maddening game of the proprietary, the new Suunto Quest will not work with your ANT+ bike sensors. However, you can record all your cycling and location data via the Suunto Bike POD and GPS POD. 

The Suunto Quest outdoor training watch comes in either orange or black and will start shipping next month. The entire Suunto Quest Pack retails for $329.

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