Polar A300 Fitness Watch

Polar A300
It’s a training watch. It’s an activity tracker. It’s the A300–the new fitness watch from Polar that ditches the clunky GPS in favor of delivering a low profile wearable to give you feedback on all your activities, day or night.

Much like the other activity tracker wearables on the market, the A300 records your steps, distance, calories burned, sleep (restful vs. restless), and active times. If you have been sitting at your computer too long (over an hour) throughout they day, the A300 will send notifications to both your watch and phone, alerting you to get moving.

Using the Polar H7 heart rate sensor during exercise, the A300 lets you know if you are burning fat or improving your fitness. A variety of Polar Training Programs can help you set goals and give you weekly training targets.

With the Polar Flow app on your phone that is synched to your watch via Bluetooth Smart, you can view and analyze your exercise and daily activity tracker data. The app offers up daily personal activity goals and guidance on how to reach them.

The A300 is waterproof for swimming. The 4MB of memory will hold up to 60 days of activity and training data before you need to offload it online. The 68mAH LiPo rechargeable battery lasts up to a month.

The Polar A300 retails for $159.95 or $179.95 with H7 heart rate sensor and will start shipping in February. The watch is available in black, white or pink with interchangeable wrist bands in blue, yellow and grey–the interchangeable silicone wrist bands retail for $24.95.

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