Knog Expose Smart iPhone Light

Knog Expose Smart

Sure, your iPhone already features a built-in flash, but it is pretty useless for nighttime or far away photos. Following on the success of their Kudos GoPro light, Knog now gets set to release a similar light for your iPhone.

The Expose Smart delivers around 6x the brightness of your inbuilt iPhone flash. With 9 hi-powered LEDs pumping out up to 130 lumens, and a beam angle matching that of the iPhone, you’ll capture more of the night environment than you could with your phone alone.

With a USB rechargeable, integrated LiPo battery, you get over one hour of run-time on low and 20 minutes on high. A battery low/charge status LED is located at the rear of the light–The LED will flash red when holding a low charge. and while the light is charging, the status LED will be red, turning green once fully charged.

The Expose Smart design matches that of the iPhone and comes in both black and white colors. The light weighs only 16 grams and can easily fit in your pocket. Also included in the Expose Smart pack are 4 attachment clips so you can use the light with or without an iPhone case–plus, a handy lanyard to keep your light with you at all times.

The accompanying Expose iPhone app connects to the light via Bluetooth, and lets you edit photos and videos along with the settings for the light. You can toggle between three flash modes (flash, strobe, continuous), and adjust the brightness and white balance to get the best pictures. The app lets you preview your photos and videos, then share them on your favorite social media channels.

The Knog Expose Smart retails for $59.95 and will start shipping at the end of this month. The phone light is compatible with the iPhone 4S, 5 Series and 6.

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