The Lightest Outdoor LED Lights On The Planet

By Don Jurries

Ay Up LED Light

Looking for an ultralight LED lighting solution for just about any outdoor pursuit? Australian company Ay Up has created what they claim to be the lightest LED lights on the planet. Initially popular with mountain bikers, the Ay Up lights are so flexible and customizable that they can be used for just about every outdoor activity, including running, hiking, camping, kayaking, cycling, and even sled dog racing.

Ay Up uses high performance XLamp LEDs from Cree set in twin bullet-proof aluminum housings. Weighing just 58 grams, the outdoor LED lights come in over 12 different housing colors to suit your mood. Each of the twin lighting sets can be independently rotated up to 270 degrees to stagger the 400 Lumen output.

The LED lights have a life of over 50,000 hours and come in three beam options, narrow, intermediate and medium. Each housing is fully sealed and waterproof up to 5 meters, so washing or rain won’t cause any damage. Ay Up is so serious about the durability of its lighting sets they provide a 5 year replacement warranty on manufacturing or assembly defects. If you break it, Ay Up wants it back.

The Ay Up lights come with one of two different rechargeable 7.4V battery types that will last either 3 or 6 hours when set on high. Low and flashing modes will obviously lengthen the operational time. The battery weights are 72 and 140 grams respectively.

Ay Up Lights Gecko Mount

The key to Ay Up’s flexibility, however, is in the three different mounting options: helmet, handlebar or headband. The helmet mount, called the Gecko, is an injection molded, flexible plastic base with Velcro dots at the feet. These dots attach to matching Velcro dots bonded to your helmet or just about any other surface.

The handlebar mount uses rubber packers and zip ties to fit on any bar type or size. The headband mount works by using lightweight plastic plates secured to a custom designed elastic headband, leaving your hands free to run, fish, climb, or even canoe.

Ay Up Lights come in 4 different kits, starting with the single user Ultra Lite, retailing for around $210. The outdoor LED lights can be purchased from the company website, shipping to destinations worldwide. 


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