Boil Water The Same Time You Cook Your Backcountry Meal

Jompy Water Heater

While trying to come up with a solution to battle water borne diseases in third world countries, Scotsman David Osborne stumbled upon an idea that any backcountry enthusiast will love. Enabling you to boil water at the same time as you cook your meals, the Jompy water boiler will not only save you time and fuel, but generally make life easier on the trail. 

The Jompy water boiler is made up of an aluminum tube, coiled into a flat disc. The coil creates a large heat conductive surface through which more than a litre of water (depending on size) can travel through at any one time. When placed over a heat source, such as a fire or gas stove, a large surface of water is subject to intense heat. As a result, cold water goes in at one end and boiling water almost instantly shoots out the other. 

Jompy water boiler

When placed on your stove, the flat disc shape of the Jompy enables you to set your cooking pots on top of it for simultaneously cooking your meals and boiling water. This dual setup will save you both time and fuel when preparing backcountry meals, something you will appreciate after a long day on the trail.

The Jompy comes in three different sizes depending on how much water you need to boil. The Large Jompy weighs 600 grams and produces 1 liter of boiling water every 45 seconds. The Midi weighs 245 grams and produces 1 liter of boiling water every 60-80 seconds. 

The Mini makes the ideal solo backcountry water boiling tool. Weighing only 60 grams, the Mini Jompy will boil 0.3 liters of water every 90 seconds. The various Jompy water boilers retail for £50-£60, and for every Jompy sold online, one African family will receive their own Jompy.


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