Can Rope End Indicators Make Climbing Any Safer?

Endeez Rope End-icators

SMC has created the Endeez Rope End-icator to give climbers a quick physical means of identifying their rope ends as you are rappelling, belaying, climbing, or generally handling rope. The question is, does this physical rope end identification make climbing any safer?

Crafted out of anodized aluminum, Endeez can be added to any rope to provide quick identification of your rope ends or for use as a back-up knot when climbing. Simply insert and thread the Endeez on your rope ends and secure the locking screw. Be aware that if you want to take the Endeez off when out climbing, you better have a hex wrench in your pack or you will have to cut off the last 4 inches of your rope.

SMC claims that adding Endeez to the end of any rope may help prevent possible climbing accidents through better identification of rope ends. In some limited cases, Endeez may stop the movement of rope through a belay device or knot, but should not be used as a means of catching a fall or as fall protection. 

I am not sure what to think about Endeez. Personally, I would rather be hyper aware of my own rope safety, such as tying knots in the end of the rope on rappel and using back-up knots, rather than falsely rely on simple accessory. Perhaps just seeing the Endeez on the end of your rope will remind you to do all these things. I also wonder if the Endeez will increase the chance of your ropes getting stuck when pulling. 


Endeez retail for $19.95 per piece and come in 3 different sizes to match your rope diameter.

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