Adjust Your Tire Pressure As You Ride

Adaptrac tire pressure adjustment

Have you ever wished you weren't stuck with one tire pressure for your entire mountain bike ride? Would you like to be able to lower the tire pressure for better traction on those crazy descents, then pump it back up again for steep climbs? Now you can. California startup Adaptrac has created a new aftermarket system that allows you to adjust your tire pressure on the fly as you ride. 

The Adaptrac adjustable tire pressure system includes three main components: hubs, handlebar control, and power pack. The hubs (or complete wheel sets) are the main part of the system. CO2 hoses connect to and pass through the hollow axles, out the hub, and into the tire valves. A set of seals enable the safe transfer of CO2 to and from the tires.  

Adaptrac adjustable tire pressure system

The handlebar control (pictured top) features a dual toggle valve that allows for the inflation and deflation of both the front and rear tires independently. A quick press with your finger lets you adjust the pressure on the go. With two stem mounted analog gauges, you can monitor the pressure of each tire in real time.

The tire pressure can be adjusted in 1 psi increments, up or down, to accommodate different trail conditions or just your personal preference. Inflating from 20 psi up to 50 psi will take around 7 seconds. Deflating from 50 psi to 20 psi will take longer at around 20 seconds.  

A CO2 power pack mounts to your frame using the existing water bottle mounts and velcro strap. The power pack takes any standard CO2 cartridge from 4 oz. to 20 oz. capacities. One complete cycle of inflation and deflation on both tires will use up about 1 oz. of CO2. 

Adaptrac adjustable tire pressure system

The Adaptrac adjustable tire pressure system works with 12×142 mm rear and 15 mm front axle standards. Included in the system will be bike brand specific replacement axles if required. The system will add about 1.5 lbs to your bike weight. 

Debuting the prototype at Sea Otter last weekend, Adaptrac has yet to release final pricing or an actual commercial release date. Watch this space. 

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