Simple And Elegant Rope Bag From Arc’teryx

Arcteryx Haku Rope Bag

Named after the Hawaiian word meaning 'to invent', the new Haku Rope Bag from Arc'teryx takes a new brand new look at a classic product. A one piece tarp and bag that rolls into a compact and tidy shoulder carrier, the Haku Rope Bag provides a simple and elegant way to organize your climbing rope for trips to and from the crag.

For the new Haku Rope Bag, Arc'teryx looked to improve upon their Pali Rope Bag from a few years go. With various complaints such as not being large enough for 70m ropes, closing straps sliding off, and positioning of the shoulder straps, Arc'teryx set out to build a more simple and easy to use rope management system. 

A wide, bright yellow tarp built into the inside of the Haku Rope Bag protects any length of rope from dirt as you climb, while also serving as a platform to put on your shoes or organize all of your gear. The tarp features two different colored tie in points so you can quickly identify the sharp end or bottom of the rope.

When ready to head home or move on to the next route, you simply fold up the ends of the tarp and the rope falls neatly inside the bag. The roll top closure cinches down and clips neatly together with buckles creating a nice compressed package.

Arc'teryx Haku Rope Bag

The Haku Rope Bag dimensions are designed to fit perfectly inside the Arc'teryx Miura cragging packs. Compression straps on the outside of the bag can be lengthened into a nice shoulder strap for shorter distance transport.

The Haku Rope Bag is set to be released Spring 2013 and retails for around $60. 


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