Lightest Most Breathable Helmet For Summer Climbing

Black Diamond Vapor Helmet

Black Diamond is coming out with some new climbing equipment that will leave you wanting to update your rack for next season. A super lightweight climbing helmet will keep your head cool under the baking desert sun, while a new set of cams will enable you to better protect even the tiniest of finger cracks. 

The new Black Diamond Vapor Helmet is created out of a sheet of Kevlar and carbon rods that are sandwiched between two layers of EPS foam. This construction cuts down on weight without sacrificing the protection performance, leaving the climbing helmet weighing in at just 186 grams. 

Huge ventilation ports on the side of the Vapor helmet increase air flow and breathability during those hot summer climbs. A ratcheting adjuster in the suspension system lets you customize the fit, then tucks away for easier storage inside your pack. 

Black Diamond X4 Camalot

Also new to the Black Diamond climbing arsenal is the Camalot X4. Thanks to internal springs, the cam head width is super narrow, enabling the device to fit into extremely tight placements. This small cam has a wide range due in large part to Black Diamond's exclusive double-axle design and the patent-pending Stacked Axle Technology. 

A color coded Dyneema sling helps you properly organize the cams on your rack and easily grab them when climbing on the sharp end. The Black Diamond Camalot X4 comes in 6 different sizes (.1, .2, .3, .4, .5, .75).

Look for the new Black Diamond climbing gear at the start of the Spring 2013 climbing season. 

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