Mammut Multi-Pitch Chalk Bag and Helmet

Mammut Multi-Pitch Chalk Bag

For Spring ’16, Mammut gets set to release a couple cool new pieces for climbers, including the world’s most fantastic chalk bag and a lighter, protective-where-you-need-it helmet.

For long, multi-pitch rock climbs, most of us bring along a small backpack to hold snacks, a light jacket, and maybe some water. Mammut decided that since you are also going to need your chalk bag hanging off your harness at a bare minimum, why not make it multi-functional so you can ditch the backpack altogether. This small bag will securely hold all the basics, such as your cell phone, camera, topo, some energy snacks, and a jacket bungeed to the bottom–You may not be climbing El Cap with it, but the chalk bag is just the thing for a handful of pitches.

The Multi-Pitch Chalk Bag will retail for $30 and hit stores around February.

Mammut Wall Rider

The new Mammut Wall Rider combines two different materials in order to create an extremely light (240 grams), but durable climbing helmet. The lower weight is achieved by using an EPP (expanded polypropylene) shell in place of the traditional EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam used in most helmets. This synthetic material supposedly offers better cushioning than EPS and will bounce back to its original shape after any sort of impact.

A hard plastic shell covers the front of the climbing helmet for added safety against small rocks or falling ice. To help keep you cool during the summer months, the Wall Rider uses strategically placed vents around the back, front, and sides. A new harness adjustment system at the back of the climbing helmet ensures you get an individual fit by just pulling on straps, while two clips and a rubber loop can be used to secure a headlamp to the helmet.

The Wall Rider climbing helmet will retail for $100 and also hit shelves around February.

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