Gregory Makes It Easy To Efficiently Pack Your Backpack

Gregory Contour Backpack

One of the most common questions asked by someone new to backpacking is how to properly pack a backpack. With the new 2013 backpacking series, Gregory decided to create the Trail Smart packing system, making it extremely easy for you to properly load your pack and comfortably spend hours on the trail.

The Gregory Contour and Cairn series of backpacking packs both feature the new intuitive Trail Smart packing system for more efficient organization. The system divides up the backpack into three separate packing compartments: Camp, Trail, and On-the-Go.

Gregory Trail Smart packing system

The Camp compartment (1) is for all the gear you won’t need until you roll into camp, such as your tent, sleeping bag, cooking system, and food stash. By keeping all the heavier and bulky items close to your center of gravity, you will have better balance over uneven terrain and a more comfortable ride. As water is also heavy, an external hydration sleeve is positioned at the back of the pack but close to the top for easy access.

The Trail compartment (2) is for all those extra layers you don’t immediately require but might need at some point along the trail, such as your rain jacket or warmer layers, headlamp, maps, and snack food. The large slot pocket on the front is great for stowing your water shoes for those inevitable creek crossings. The On-the-Go section (3), with its two roomy side pockets and hip pockets, is for all those items you want while hiking, such as water bottles, camera, lipbalm, GPS, and snacks.

The Contour and Cairn packs both feature a water-resistant top cover pocket with waterproof zipper and sealed seams. An integrated rain cover lets you quickly waterproof your pack, enabling you to keep moving worry-free through bad weather on the trail.

Even with a pack weighing less than 4 lbs itself, the Response LT wire frame suspension system will comfortably support up to 45 lbs. Gregory’s new MonoBond Architecture in the harness provides stable and comfortable load carrying in a thin, lightweight package, with shoulder straps that retain their shape and structure under load.

The men’s Contour comes in three different sizes (50L, 60L, 70L), as does the women’s Cairn (48L, 58L, 68L), both in a variety of colors. The Gregory Trail Smart packing system backpacks will retail for $259-$299, available Spring 2013.

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