Suunto Offers Free Ambit Upgrades To Challenge Garmin

Suunto Ambit  Suunto Ambit

Following the recent high profile launch of the Garmin Fenix GPS watch, Suunto is firing back with software improvements to their Ambit watch to try and match Garmin feature for feature. With Garmin’s focus on navigation and tracking in the Fenix, Suunto was lacking certain key features to match the offering for the outdoor adventurer. The Finns look to now challenge Garmin head on with two free Ambit software upgrades over the coming months to coincide with the release of the Fenix.

The first update will be available at the end of September and include major feature enhancements such as on-screen route navigation that enables you to see your route in real time, including your start point, your current position, and the way ahead. You can display your current location in 14 local grid references, helping you to pinpoint your exact location on a map.

Using, you can create routes online based on waypoints and download them to your GPS watch. The Ambit will navigate through your route waypoint by waypoint, notifying you when you have reach one and guiding you to the next. Points of interest can be added manually, independent of your current location, and can be stored by category according to type, making it easy to find and navigate towards later.

With the new Find Back feature you can always navigate right back to where you started in case you happen to wander off trail. The first upgrade will also add a chrono feature, GPS time keeping, and the ability to keep the backlight on continuously.

The second launch, planned for November, will add training features such as an interval timer and it looks like for the first time ever, ANT+ connectivity. This means you can connect your Ambit GPS watch to any ANT+ compatible sensor, not just the Suunto sensor accessories.

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