Trakke Messenger Bags Handmade In Scotland

Trakke Messenger Bags

Understanding that you may only buy one messenger bag in your lifetime, Trakke designs their bags to withstand whatever life can throw at you. From the fabric and buckles right down to the pattern itself, Trakke considers the durability of each component, and imagines how it will look in 20 years time. Timeless classics built on trust between manufacturer and owner, these are some beautiful bags. 

Trakke messenger bags are all developed and handmade in Glasgow, Scotland. The Trakke workshop shares a space with the Glasgow Bike Station, lending to a built-in pool of riders to use and abuse the bags, with opinions on how to make them better. 

Trakke was founded by design enthusiast Alec Farmer. Seeing couriers buy messengers bags all the way from the US, Alec decided there had to be a way to create ones locally that could better withstand the harsh weather of Glaswegian winters. In order to get his idea off the ground, he first rummaged through the bins on industrial estates to find bits of material that he could fashion into bags.

Trakke Harris Tweed Wee Lug

Taking inspiration from old mountaineering equipment, today Trakke uses a combination of waxed cotton fabrics for classic weatherproofing and Harris Tweed for a bit of UK flair. The collection currently includes 4 different Harris Tweed bag styles and two waxed cotton. Periodically re-proofing your messenger bag with wax will keep the fabric supple, waterproof, and in top form for years to come.

The bags are all handmade by James, a career sail maker for over 20 years. James knows a thing or two about fabrics and understands that quality, simplicity, and craft will ensure that your bag lasts a lifetime. With this knowledge of pattern cutting, seam tensions, material stresses, and bombproof stitching, he makes certain that each of the Trakke bags is fabricated to the highest standard, and that every detail is strong and durable so that you don’t have to worry about your world spilling onto the road. 

Every last detail is thought through, from the stainless steel buckles and triple layer waterproof construction to the ULock holster on the strap. With a padded laptop compartment and cleverly arranged pockets, there is ample space for all your gear without over-complicating the design.

The Trakke Mule is the classic messenger style bag with removable stabilizer strap. The Wee Lug is a smaller version of the Mule, while the Krukke delivers a standard backpack design. The Bairn makes a great day bag for women or even a stylish "murse" for the men.

All this beautiful handmade design doesn't exactly come cheap. The Trakke bags retail for £125-£300 (roughly $200-$475) and can be ordered from the company website. Trakke will ship worldwide. I am definitely adding one of these bags to my Christmas wish list. 


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