See Sense Intelligent Bike Light

See Sense Bike Light

There may be many ways to increase your visibility on the road when riding around town, but every little bit helps. Belfast based bike commuter and engineer Philip McAleese created a bike light that can respond to the environment, flashing brighter and faster when faced with road risks, both improving battery performance and making you more visible at the same time. 

The See Sense intelligent bike light uses sensor technology to continually monitor motion, orientation, and light. The sensors can detect situations when you might not be seen by other road users, such as at a road junction, riding in heavy traffic, traveling through a tunnel, or even approached by a car with bright headlights. 

For each of these situations, See Sense will increase its brightness and flash rate to alert everyone else on the road of your presence. The bike light uses the brightest, most efficient LEDs, enabling it to flash brighter than the lights on a car for visibility even in daylight.

So why not just keep your bike lights on the highest setting all the time? Constant bright light is not only distracting for other riders but is not as effective at alerting drivers as a light changing in speed and intensity. 

Light performance is usually a trade off between brightness, runtime, and size. See Sense uses its power intelligently, enabling the bike light to be bright only when you need it and still have a long runtime (12+ hours) in a small package (55 grams). 

The bike light is waterproof and with no switches, uses motion gestures to turn on and off instead. The auto-off function will kick in after 10 minutes of inactivity.

The See Sense intelligent bike light comes in both a front (150-200 lumens) and rear (90-120 lumens) version. The company is taking pre-orders through an already funded Kickstarter campaign where you can order both front and rear lights at a variety of intensities for £35-£75. 

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