The Rise Of The Stroopwafel

Rip van Wafels  Rip van Wafels

Honey Stinger introduced the stroopwafel to the American outdoor enthusiast, while elevating this syrupy treat to almost cult like status within the cycling community. Following the evolutional path of the cupcake and macaron crazes, numerous companies are now popping up to bring this delighful coffee snack to the masses.

Stroopwafels (syrup waffles) originated in The Netherlands, where they remain a popular street snack today and are often enjoyed during afternoon coffee breaks or "koffiepauze". Cyclists from The Netherlands and Belgium originally brought them as snacks on long rides, as they are easy to transport and offer a great tasting, quick energy boost. 

Traditionally made out of two thin layers of crisp waffle filled with a caramel syrup, Honey Stinger and others have played around with the filling ingredients (my favorite is Lemon). Relative newcomer Rip Van Wafels, based out of San Francisco, is now offering traditional caramel and cocoa filled varieties. Priced similarly to the Honey Stinger Waffles ($24.99 for a pack of 16) and individually wrapped, the Rip Van Wafels are targeted at afternoon coffee and tea drinkers but can easily be taken on the bike or thrown in your hiking pack. 

For those that think paying over $1 a waffle is a little exorbitant, head on over to Amazon where you can find a 40 count pack of the real deal for around $27. For the even more adventurous at heart, you can make your own at home. Fill them with a variety of your own wonderful concoctions- Nutella and peanut butter waffle anyone?

The recipe below looks extremely easy to follow- you just need a shallow waffle or pizzelle iron.


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