Light & Motion Vis 360 RUN

Vis 360 RUN

The Vis 360 from Light & Motion was such a great success amongst bike commuters that the company decided to adapt and expand the line for runners. The new Vis 360 RUN is the first runner’s headlamp to offer a full 360 degrees of visibility.

Light & Motion created a head strap for the Vis 360 light, making it lighter (130 grams), comfortable to wear on your head, and more versatile for runners. The front white light, amber side lights and red rear lights indicate your position to passing cars and at intersections.

“The Vis 360 RUN helps protect runners in a couple of ways. It’s not just about having light to see the obstacles in front of you, but also about being seen by drivers,” said Chris McCaslin, lead engineer of Light & Motion’s Vis 360. Just as for bikers, running near traffic, particularly at intersections, is where you are at the greatest danger.

The World Health Organization’s Pedestrian Safety Manual reported that a key risk factor for pedestrians and runners on the road is inadequate visibility, with the majority of collisions taking place at intersections and the greatest risk at night, early morning or at twilight.

The Vis 360 RUN provides 2 hours of light on high (120 lumens), 5 hours on medium (60 lumens), and 14 hours on pulse, so even you ultra runners will have the burn time required to run with full visibility. A battery gauge indicator gives you an accurate idea of how much battery life remains, and the battery can be recharge via micro USB.

The Vis 360 RUN retails for $110 and is available now.

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