Get Your Caffeine Kick From A Stick Of Run Gum

Run Gum

Want a quick caffeine hit before your workout but don’t want to be loaded down with liquids (or have to take a mid-ride bathroom break)? Skip the coffee and grab a stick of gum instead. Run Gum packs caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins into a chewing gum that is specifically designed for athletes.

Unlike most sources of caffeine that are absorbed through the lining of the stomach, Run Gum delivers a kick up to 5x faster through sublingual (under the tongue) absorption. Run Gum offers a no-calorie caffeine alternative through the use of a combination of artificial sweeteners.

Each piece of Run Gum contains 50 mg of caffeine (the equivalent of a shot of espresso), 20 mg of taurine, and B vitamins. Each pouch contains two pieces of gum—considered a standard dose.

Eugene, OR based Run Gum was founded by coach Sam Lapray and Olympic athlete Nick Symmonds. Pulling from Nick’s biochemistry background and their experience in training and competition, the duo knew caffeine was the way for Nick to perform optimally at a race, but needed to ditch drinking large quantities of liquid in the form of coffee or energy drinks (they just made him sick). During one particular training session, it dawned on them—gum.

The company recommends you chew one piece of gum for a mild effect and two pieces for the full kick. For best performance, chew a piece before any physical activity and another upon completion.

Run Gum works on a subscription service only. Every month you will receive either 12 packs ($17), 24 packs ($32), or 36 packs ($45). You can choose between fruit or mint flavors or a combination of both. Five cents of every pack sold will go towards sponsoring professional athletes.

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