How To Survive Zombie Apocalypse-Petzl Style

Petzl Zombie Apocalypse
Source: Petzl Principles of Zombie Escape

The Petzl Technical Institute has done it again. First with the Holiday Tech Tips on how to properly lower Santa down the chimney at Christmas, and now, Petzl attacks head on (literally) the tools and techniques you need to survive a Zombie Apocalypse. Something to think about as you head out after dark tonight.

In the style of their standard Technical Notice that comes with every product, Petzl first outlines the gear you need to be prepared—helmet, small pack, gloves, ice axe, personal escape system, harness, hammer, and running shoes, with a full beard as extra bonus equipment for protecting your throat.

Petzl then walks you through both evasive maneuvers and offensive tactics to help ensure your survival, such as ascending or descending a rope in escape or how to knock out a zombie with a couple of blows of your hammer.

Petzl Zombie
Source: Petzl Principles of Zombie Escape

Perhaps my favorite line in the instruction manual is: “To be fair, if you are being hotly pursued by the undead, you may just have to wing it.” Too true, Petzl. Too true.

You can read the entire Petzl Zombie Technical Notice here—stay safe out there this Halloween night. The undead just might be waiting for you.

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