7mesh Revelation Jacket Review


For most of us, winter means simply switching from our road and mountain bikes over to our cross bike or even fat bike. Squamish, BC based 7mesh understands this–so built a bomber jacket to see us through the inclement weather season. With the goal of releasing a full line of bike apparel come February, 7mesh started with the Launch Edition of the Revelation Jacket. And what a start it is.

Upon first seeing the minimalist, clean design of the Revelation Jacket, you can tell the team behind this new company all worked for Arc’teryx at one point (including former CEO Tyler Jordan). Even more so when you slip the jacket on–the fit is impeccable.

The design details are extremely well thought out. For example, the removable, under-helmet hood starts at the side of the collar, not the very front as you might find in normal outdoor jackets. This means you won’t strangle yourself when hunched over your bike, fully zipped up against the rain and your vision is never compromised–a critical feature on a bike.

7mesh Revelation

Made from Gore-Tex Pro (first time Gore’s premiere fabric is used in cycling apparel), the Revelation Jacket protects you against the weather while remaining highly breathable. To dump excess heat, you can open either the zippered forearm or long side vents–the side vents double as pass-through access to your jersey pockets.

I have worn this jacket for everything from torrential rain mudfests to cold (30s and 40s), sunny, and dry road rides. Never once did I have a problem with overheating. If I had a long uphill slog in front of me, I simply unzipped one or both the side vents. These vents are a bit tricky to unzip while you are riding (at least for me), but definitely simple to close again.

Following the outdoor light and fast movement, the Revelation Jacket weighs a scant 9.5 ounces. You will find no heavy or clunky zippers, snaps, or seams here. Two slim hand pockets hold your ride essentials without getting bulky.

Revelation Jacket

The drop hem provides plenty of coverage to protect your backside from rain and mud, even if you don’t run fenders. The face fabric sheds debris like a boss. I could come home from a gravel ride covered in mud and the jacket would be clean as a whistle.

At $450 the Revelation Jacket does not come cheap. But much like the Arc’teryx jacket I own, I expect it to remain in my arsenal for many years to come. While the Launch Edition Revelation Jacket is currently sold out in some men’s sizes (email them if you are interested in women’s), keep 7mesh on your radar for next month. I am very excited to check out the full line.

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