BioLite NanoGrid Rechargeable Lighting

BioLite NanoGrid

BioLite, creators of the popular line of wood burning stoves that charge your gadgets as they burn, unveils their first lighting product in time for CES this week. The new NanoGrid is a compact system of rechargeable lighting and power storage that offers a 3-in-1 solution for your outdoor adventures.

The heart of the NanoGrid platform is the PowerLight–a 200 lumen edge-lit lantern that also functions as a 250 lumen broad spectrum flashlight. Fueling the PowerLight is a 400 mAh USB power bank. A 10ft daisy chain of two SiteLights plugs into the PowerLight to help illuminate your basecamp or tent.

The power bank can be used to charge your gadgets as well as for lighting. Once depleted, simply plug the PowerLight unit into any USB power source or your BioLite stove as you cook dinner at camp.

Many people know BioLite for their stoves, but ultimately the company has a vision of Energy Everywhere. Revenue generated from products bought by us outdoor enthusiasts gets invested in creating scalable and affordable solutions for communities in emerging markets. For example, BioLite currently sells their HomeStove products across India, Ghana, and Uganda.

The BioLite NanoGrid rechargeable lighting system retails for $99.95 and will start shipping next month. This time around, NanoGrid will be commercially available for both the outdoor and emerging markets at the same time.

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