Automated Suspension Tuning For Your Bike


Setting your suspension properly can be more of an art than a science. Each system comes with its own recommendations and personal preference plays a big part. As most of us can not afford intelligent suspension systems like Lapierre E:I or Specialized Brain, ShockWiz automates the process for you.

ShockWiz is an automated suspension tuning system for mountain bikes. It is small, lightweight (45 grams or 1.6 ounces), and unobtrusive, attaching to either your fork or shock (or both). While you ride, it performs thousands of calculations to analyze your riding and finds anything undesirable with your set-up. It will then tell you exactly what to change via an app on your phone.

ShockWiz works via a high accuracy sensor that samples the pressure in the shock or fork 100 times per second. By knowing the parameters of the spring (calculated from the calibration sequence), the pressure is converted into a percentage of travel. Using this percentage of travel, various algorithms process the travel data and look for events such as large compression inputs. By analyzing these events, ShockWiz can detect characteristics such as pogo, pack down, or bobbing, and class their severity. If an undesirable characteristic is severe enough, or is persistently happening, then it will determine the suspension adjustment required to fix it and display this output via the app.

ShockWiz app

You install the ShockWiz by screwing it on to your Schrader valve (as a shock pump would) and fastening to your fork or shock with a cable tie. Once installed, you can still use a shock pump to change the pressure in your suspension via the Schrader valve on the ShockWiz.

To enable the ShockWiz to convert from pressure to percentage of travel, it needs to first know some parameters about your suspension. This is achieved by the calibration procedure which is a quick and simple process. The app will guide you through a calibration process which involves cycling through the full suspension travel, and then pumping to your desired pressure as normal.

Once you go for a ride, the ShockWiz will automatically analyze your suspension. On the app suggestions screen, you will see which adjustments the device recommends you make to fix the problems it has detected–small or large. The different tuning recommendations are generated based on your chosen riding style–XC, AM, or DH.

ShockWiz works with both hardtail and full suspension bikes. Your shock or fork needs to have a single volume positive chamber. For best results on a full suspension bike, ShockWiz recommends you use two devices to tune the fork and shock at the same time.

For a $285 pledge on Kickstarter, you can be one of the first to own a ShockWiz device. Expected delivery is January 2016 so not exactly in time for the summer riding season.

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