Rum Runner 11.5 Modular SUP Review

Rum Runner

Scandinavian company Point 65 Sweden, best know for their modular kayaks, recent released a line of modular SUPs. For the past few weeks, I have been playing with the Rum Runner 11.5 in the waters around the Bay Area.

The Rum Runner comes in two sizes–11.5 feet and 12.5 feet. Made from polyethylene, the board is incredibly stiff and impact resistant.

The board shows up at your door in three different sections. The sections are incredibly easy to assemble. Four different ratchet straps–two in front and two in rear of middle section–slide into the corresponding buckles on the front and tail sections. Once you push the parts together, use the buckles to tighten securely. To take the sections apart, simply push the button on each buckle to release. Once you get the hang of it, the process goes very quickly.

Rum Runner ratchet


  • Fits in the back of your car. No need for a special SUP roof rack system and no feats of strength required to get it on top of your car.
  • Super easy to snap together and take apart with the ratcheting system.
  • Extremely Stable. In fact, one of the more stable SUP boards I have ridden–Lola moves around quite a bit on the board and never once was I thrown off balance, even as we hit bigger boat waves.
  • Dry storage in the front accessed by a large oval hatch–nice if you plan to tour or head out on a longer ride.
  • Retractable fin–the fin is spring-loaded so automatically stays down as you paddle in the water but retracts as soon as you hit land. This means you can paddle right up on the beach without worrying about breaking off the fin. The single long fin design works great for stability, minimal drag, and straight tracking in flat water.
  • Two drink holders–one for beer and one for water!
  • Plenty of D-ring attachment points for accessories.
  • Toggle handle in front and rear make it easy to pull the board on shore or carry with two people.
  • Fast and straight tracking for a modular SUP.


  • Heavy. At almost 60 pounds, the Rum Runner 11.5 is a beast and hard to carry by yourself fully assembled. That is more than twice the weight of say the BIC SUP 11.6 Ace-Tec at 30 pounds.
  • Can be tough to maneuver in high winds from a standing position. With a displacement hull much like a kayak and the single fin design, the board wants to go where the wind and current take it. In anything but calm waters, you may need to drop and paddle it like a kayak.
  • Plastic retaining pin that holds the fin up for transport broke off almost immediately. It would be great to see the company beef up this tiny part.

If you are looking for a stand up paddleboard that is incredibly stable, easy to store, and easy to transport, the Rum Runner 11.5 is a great bet. With the displacement hull and dry storage, the Rum Runner would make a good touring board.

The Point 65 Rum Runner 11.5 modular SUP retails for $999 and is available now.

Paddling Rum Runner

Related Gear

Here is a list of the other gear I regularly use or wear for SUP around San Francisco.

Hala Butterknife Double Bladed SUP Paddle ($349): With a handle hidden behind one of the blades, you can paddle in the traditional SUP manner but when the wind and chop picks up, simply drop and paddle like a kayak.

Dakine Emalia Surf Leggings ($84): I absolutely love the wild patterns on these leggings and should they get wet, the fabric dries almost immediately. Sun protection with crazy style.

Kokatat X Jacket

Kokatat X-Jacket ($119): Paddling in San Francisco is not exactly warm. This is no Hawaii. I almost always wear a light jacket for sun, wind, and spray protection. This lightweight 4-way stretch jacket does just the trick and stows in it’s own pocket if you should get too hot. A secure zippered pocket at the back keeps you from losing your keys or other important items should you fall in the water.

Astral Loyak ($79.95): I almost always wear shoes on the board as you never know what you encounter getting in and out of the water, plus I like to stop and explore places on shore. Astral uses a secret formula of rubber called G Rubber that delivers bomber traction on wet and slippery surfaces. Drainage ports in the toe and heel of the Loyak let water escape but thankfully keep sand out–one of my pet peeves is walking around in wet and sandy shoes.

Astral Loyak

MTI Fluid 2.0 ($135): A requirement when on the board, this belt style PFD is convenient and comfortable to wear.

Ruffwear K-9 Float Coat ($79.95): I never let Lola on the board without her PFD.

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