Fly Pedals V2: Universal Clipless Pedal Adapters

Fly Pedal V2

Do you have a one bike quiver where you like to ride clipless on your commute or for training but not so much when heading to the store or pub to meet friends? Regularly changing pedals is not exactly convenient and wearing clipless shoes all the time is a pain. Enter Fly Pedals–universal flat pedals that quickly convert your clipless pedals into platforms.

Made from 100% aircraft grade aluminum, Fly Pedals V2 are a simple, lightweight, and affordable adapter to convert your road or mountain bike for casual riding. They essentially work just like your clipless shoes–a cleat mounted at the base of the Fly Pedal (you need to supply the cleats) clips into your own bike pedals. To remove, simply clip out as you would with your shoes. No pedal wrench required.

With this second version, the company made it easier to remove your Fly Pedals with finger holds and 6mm hex tool compatibility to clip out if need be. They also threw the balance off-center for easier starts and added traction pegs on the top surface. For those that like to ride with foot straps, you can purchase those as an option.

Fly Pedals are compatible with any clipless road or mountain pedal with cleats that use the standard 2 hole mountain bike pattern or the standard 3 hole road bike pattern. Some of the most popular pedals that use these hole patterns are Shimano SPD and SPD-SL, Time ATAC, Clic, and RXS, Crank Brothers Egg Beaters, Candy and Mallet, Speedplay and LOOK Keo, Keo2max, Delta and S-Track.

I would actually love these universal flat pedals for my mountain bike. I run SPDs on my Yeti the majority of the time but there are those really technical trails or downhill parks where I would love to be able to quickly transition to flat pedals.

You can pre-order the Fly Pedals V2 for $30 on Kickstarter or $35 from the company website. They hope to start shipping in September.

Be sure to watch the product video as it is quite funny.

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