Infinity Pedals Ready For Production

Infinity Pedals

I originally wrote about Infinity Pedals back in 2009 when young inventor Sam Hunter won the Concept to Company prize from Grow Utah Ventures. Fast forward almost five years, after a couple of other players have entered with their own spindle based pedal offerings, Infinity Pedals is finally ready for full production.

The key advantage with Infinity Pedals versus standard clipless pedals is the infinite engagement positions. With a round pedal base, you can clip in anywhere. The pedal is self-guiding, so you don't need to orient it or look down in order to clip in. The purpose built cleat is small enough to fit flush with pretty much any type of shoe. 

The solid steel Infinity Pedal system is incredibly lightweight. The pedals, cleats, and bolts come in at 236 grams. The titanium version will weigh around 190 grams. 

The pedals offer 5 degrees of float and take 18 degrees of rotation to release. According to Sam, the float is not as loose as a Crankbrothers pedal but not as tight as an SPD. I am curious to ride on these and first off, see how easy it is to clip in and out, then see what is the likelihood for accidental release, especially on a mountain bike. 

The engagement mechanism uses only one moving part, making it incredibly durable and enabling you to rebuild yourself if ever required. Sam is looking into making both the float and spring tension user adjustable. It would be great to see the pedal come in different axle lengths as well.  

For a $129 pledge over on the Infinity Pedals Kickstarter page, you can be one of the first to try the new pedal design. You can even choose a color to match your favorite whip – black, green, red, or yellow. With the $299 Weight Weenie pledge, you can sign up for the titanium version. The estimated delivery date is September 2014. 

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