Moov – A Personal Fitness Coach On Your Wrist

Moov Personal Fitness Coach

In the age of measuring everything we do, wearables are becoming the hot must have gadgets. New company Moov is looking to completely up the ante, delivering more than just feedback on how many steps you have taken that day or how long you ran, but actually give you advice on how to improve your form, push yourself to do better, and ultimately have a better quality workout. 

Built by a former Apple gamer engineer, the Moov band uses a combination of various 9-axis sensors (accelerometer, gyroscope, and magnetometer) and artificial intelligence to figure out your body's exact orientation in space. This means the device is able to give you real time feedback on your actual form, not just your movement or lack thereof.

Moov works with numerous sport specific applications. When running with Moov, the accompanying smartphone app gives you audio feedback when your stride is too long or you are landing too hard, putting strain on your knees. For Crossfit, the device ensures you lift weights with the proper form and for all you yogis, Moov lets you know when you are correctly hitting your asanas or where you could improve. 

Waterproof up to 1 meter, secure Moov on your wrist as you swim laps in the pool to analyze your strokes and your form. Interesting for cyclists, when strapped on your ankle or mounted to your pedal, Moov transforms into a speed and cadence sensor. 

As an open development platform, you can expect to see many more applications being created for Moov in the future. Available this summer, you can pre-order your own Moov now for $59.95.

If you want two units (one for the wrist and one for the ankle – required for the boxing app), the price is $99.95. Moov currently works only with iOS devices. Android will follow 3 months after launch and sorry Windows phone users, Moov has no plans to support Microsoft at this time. 

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