7Mesh Oro Jacket Drops Below 100 Grams


For Spring 2017, 7mesh gets set to introduce a new line of ultralight apparel for road cyclists as well as some more burlier pieces for dirt lovers. The highlight of the new collection, the Oro Jacket is the first sub-100 gram Gore-Tex cycling jacket to hit the market.

To get under 100 grams, 7Mesh thoroughly tested and relentlessly evolved their cycling jacket to strip away all excess, leaving only what is essential for better, longer, more enjoyable rides. The brand started with Gore-Tex’s new Active fabric technology featuring a construction that eliminates the face fabric in favor of a permanent beading surface (or membrane on the outside). This construction prevents the side effects of your jacket wetting out in the rain (such as lack of breathability) and also allows you to quickly shake the surface dry and wipe away any mud. The fabric is waterproof, windproof, and super lightweight.

In creating the jacket, the team focused on every design detail such as using intricate patterning to reduce seam bulk, directly laminating the zipper, using a welded raw hem edge, adding 360 degree reflectivity, and using multipurpose vents and pocket. The result — a size large Oro Jacket weighs 97 grams and rolls up small enough to easily fit in your jersey pocket. Compare that to Gore’s own cycling jacket made from the new Active fabric technology– the company claims a 133 gram weight for a size large, which at the time was the lightest cycling jacket on the market.

Highline Jersey

To accompany the Oro Jacket, 7Mesh created the Highline Jersey that is made from a unique ultralight stretch woven nylon. The super breathable and moisture wicking bike jersey is constructed with ultrasonic taped seams and minimalistic 6 mm stretch seam tape for an all-in weight of only 107 grams. With five rear pockets, a full front zip, and a shape cut for aggressive riding, the Highline is the choice for times when hot weather performance without bulk is paramount.

Expect to see the entire new 7Mesh collection hit shelves early next spring.

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