Long Spoons Are Where It’s At

Alpine Long Tool Spoon

If there was one glaring trend in cookware at Outdoor Retailer, it was the long spoon. Brands are finally giving us a solution to eating dehydrated meals without getting our entire hand and even arm full of gunk. Now you’ll be able to reach the very corners of your meal packet without having to drink up the remnants (and subsequently get food all over your face). Here are three long spoons to look out for next spring.

MSR Alpine Long Tool Spoon (pictured top, $9.95): Featuring a liquid fuel stove tool on one end just like the original, this stainless steel-clad spoon has an extra long handle to reach meals in tall pots and resealable standup pouches. The long spoon weighs 32 grams. While the spoon is pretty cool, my favorite has to be the “Wanna Spoon?” trucker hat that MSR gave out along with the launch. Needless to say, I received many funny looks wearing it around the show.

Sea to Summit Delta Long Handled Spoon: For 2017, the Delta spoon has been stretched to keep your hands food free. The long spoon weighs 12 grams and comes in three colors — orange, blue, and grey. To be fair, Sea to Summit already has a variety of long spoons and even a long spork in their collection — the Titanium Long-Handled Spoon ($14.95), AlphaLight Long Spork ($8.95), and AlphaLight Long Spoon ($8.95).

long spoon

GSI Outdoors Essential Spoon — Long ($4.95): The new long-length Essential Spoon keeps your knuckles clean and is tapered to ensure that every last tasty morsel out of the pouch can be scooped or scraped. The silicone bowl measures exactly one tablespoon so comes in handy for preparing meals and as it is heat resistant, great for cooking.

Long spoons might seem like a trivial piece of gear, but they can add immensely to your happiness when backpacking. Snow Peak and Vargo also make titanium long spoons that are available now.

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