Revelate Designs Launches New Bikepacking Seat Pack

To add to their Terrapin System, Revelate Designs just released an updated, smaller version of the seat pack. The Terrapin System 8L is a waterproof seat pack system built for smaller loads and bikes with low saddle to rail clearance such as full suspension, plus bikes, and small sized frames.

A key feature of the Terrapin System 8L is a new independent saddle rail attachment system with active cam locking buckle system. This gives the pack stability without the need for external mounting hardware.

In the attachment system, each rail is cinched down to the sides of the bag, eliminating side to side bag sway without the need for external hardware. This is combined with a rigid internal structure and active camming buckles to prevent straps from slipping on rough terrain.

The mount is stiffened on all sides including an external plastic bottom sheet which protects the bottom of the bag like a fender. A composite internal top sheet provides a solid and stable platform for the strap points and transmits the vertical load to the seatpost connection — –like the larger Terrapin System, the mount stays on the bike.

The bag also features aluminum components for strength, composite internal stiffeners, and an external plastic bottom sheet for load transfer and protection. The included drybag is 3D formed with radio frequency welded construction, custom fit for the holster. It includes an air purge valve to allow for proper compression of the system.

Revelate recommends you check tire clearance prior to use, especially with full suspension bikes — you need a seven-inch minimum of tire clearance from the saddle rails. Bag contact with a tire can cause a bad wreck and ruin your day.

The Terrapin System 8L retails for $135 and is available now in black, crush (purple) and multi-cam.

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