A Modular Bikepacking System To Fit Any Bike

Aeroe Bikepack

Pat Maguire, the New Zealand designer behind the Freeload bike rack that was bought by Thule, is back with a new invention. This time it’s a complete, modular bikepacking system. Comprised of a variety of mounts and lightweight, waterproof bags, the Aeroe BikePack system will work on any bike, from road to mountain.

The Aeroe BikePack system comprises seven separate products designed to allow loads to be attached to any bike in a number of different arrangements. The heart of the system is the BikePack, a lightweight waterproof bag made from 600 denier nylon with double laminate TPU. The bag comes in three sizes — 9 L (490 grams), 11 L (540 grams), and 14 L (590 grams).

The BikePacks hook onto a variety of mounts for your bike via a simple twist and lock system. The  250-gram Handlebar Mount is secured to either side of the stem and enables the bags to be mounted horizontally, vertically, or within a full 360-degree rotation. The mount keeps the bags clear of the brake and gear cables regardless the orientation.

The 525-gram Fork Mounts can be mounted up front or behind the fork and can hold two nine-liter BikePacks. The bags can be rotated 360 degrees to align perfectly with your fork vertically or horizontally.

The 450-gram Seatpost Mount is ideal for hardtail mountain bikes or a road bike. You can set up the seatpost mount to have two BikePacks behind or as a single BikePack positioned flat behind the seat. Finally, a handful of rear racks are available for a full suspension mountain bike that enable to you to fit up to two 14-liter BikePacks.

Aeroe is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to take pre-orders on the modular bikepacking system. BikePack bags range in price from $66-$77 and mounts range in price from $42-$94. Delivery is expected in November.

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