Follow the Supply Chain of Your Favorite The North Face Fleece

The North Face

VF Corporation — owners of The North Face, Eagle Creek, Vans, and more — recently gave consumers a look at how materials flow through their supply chain for 10 of its iconic products. As VF sources materials from thousands of suppliers across 60 countries, this was no small feat. But the company believes the process will help them better focus on responsible and ethical practices throughout its global supply chain going forward.

VF began to trace the materials that go into their products to tackle various supply chain issues and risks such as addressing human rights violations in the cotton industry, reducing deforestation, respecting animals, responsibly sourced down, and conflict minerals.

The supply chain maps are available on VF’s sustainability and responsibility website. The interactive maps give you a visual representation on where and how a product is made, including a list of suppliers color-coded by supplier type, along with arrows and paths that indicate the flow of goods and services. You can click on any supplier to learn more about their business and how they rate according to various sustainability and responsibility criteria.

For example, The North Face Denali 2 Fleece involves suppliers from Asia, South America, Central America, and even the US. In the factory in El Salvador, they focus on individual development of both men and women, collective coexistence, leadership, and gender awareness. You can learn more in the video below.

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