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Flying Tent

It’s A Hammock, It’s A Bivy, It’s A Flying Tent

Flying Tent

Whether on a multi-day hike or just camping in different places, conditions can change drastically for erecting a shelter. The Flying Tent can be set up as a hammock, a tree tent, a bivy, or even turned into a poncho, making it useful in every situation.

Trillium Hammock

Trillium — The Three Person Stackable Hammock

Trillium Hammock

A hammock big enough to comfortably sleep three people? Check. Infinitely stackable so you can store gear, bring dogs or even extra people? You bet. Meet the Trillium hammock from Tensile, where multi-floor outdoor living environments are now a real possibility.

Sleep Perfectly Flat In The Ergo Hammock

Exped Ergo Hammock

Nothing beats relaxing or napping in a hammock out in the open air of summer. Exped has taken hammock comfort to a whole new level by creating a perfectly flat sleeping experience, designing a hammock in which you can not only nap, but spend countless nights on the trail.  

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