BikeGlow Safety Light Review


Earlier this month, I was sent one of the new waterproof BikeGlow Safety Lights to test out. I immediately had the resident bike mechanic fix it to my commuter bike and have been in disco heaven ever since. Meant to enhance your visibility at night, the BikeGlow Safety Light makes a great looking accessory even in the daytime. 

In terms of setup, the hardest part was actually putting in the batteries. With no instructions, you must figure out for yourself that a tiny phillips screwdriver is required to remove the bottom of the battery case. Once you have the bottom cover off, you must again figure out in which direction to place the two AA batteries.

You have the creative freedom to wrap the 10-foot flexible light tube around your bike however you wish. I was amazed at just how well the BikeGlow Safety light helps you to be seen at any angle and even from quite a distance. Not to mention all the "sweet bike" and "awesome" compliments I get when riding. 

The BikeGlow light has three settings- constant, slow blinking and fast blinking. The battery case can be stored virtually anywhere on your bike via the included velcro attachment or in your saddle bag. If you want to be able to reach the power/mode button, then you may want to place the battery case someplace a little more handy. 

Bottom Line: Not meant to be a replacement for your standard front and rear bike lights but a fun way to add 360 degree visibility for night riding.  

The BikeGlow Safety Light retails for $25 and can be purchased from REI

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