Mission Workshop Orion Waterproof Jacket

San Francisco's Mission Workshop has taken a foray into the apparel market with a pair of bike jackets to help keep you comfortable regardless the weather. Originally revealed at Interbike, the Orion waterproof jacket is finally now available for order. 

The Orion jacket is a slim fitting, seam-sealed waterproof breathable shell. Design features include an internal iPod pocket, external cell phone pocket, front zippered hand pockets and a touring style rear zippered pocket. A removable snap off hood gives you extra protection in really foul weather. 

The bike jacket is made from Schoeller's c_change fabric, which responds to temperature changes both inside the jacket and out. During activity, the structure of the c_change membrane opens as your body moisture levels rise, letting heat escape to the outside air. During periods of inactivity, the membrane structure condenses, retaining heat directly to your body. 

Mission Workshop has previously teamed up with partners, such as DZR Shoes to create the Rondel SPD Sneaker, and now sells Outlier Tailored apparel in their San Francisco store. Could Outlier be the design team behind the Orion waterproof and Bosun merino wool bike jackets?

The Mission Workshop Orion jacket comes in black and olive colors and retails for $400. 

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  1. There’s no way this is Outlier’s idea for a couple of reason’s…
    Number one: Slimish fit but not skin tight. This thing looks streamlined, but all Outlier jackets are big if not straight up baggy. It’s just not Outlier’s style.
    Number two: The way they’ve advertised it. If this were a collaboration, MW would probably have made people aware of it like they’ve done with the Rondel’s.
    Correct me if I’m wrong here, but I just don’t think Outlier was the brains behind this. Give MW credit for finding the best materials out there and doing a great job on making a beautiful jacket.
    I have no idea where this waterproof jacket came from but it looks frickin sweet! Too bad i don’t have an extra $400 laying around…

  2. Hi Alex. Thanks for your comments! I wasn’t trying to insinuate that MW couldn’t create the jacket themselves. I was just curious as they have a relationship with Outlier for their store here in SF. I agree the jacket is sweet and MW or whoever did a great job on the design. You never know- maybe Santa will bring you one for Xmas! 🙂

  3. Psh… I sincerely doubt it. He’s already picked me up a Vandal backpack. So unless he feels like dropping a total of nearly a grand on me, I’ll probably not get the Orion. Fingers crossed though 😛

    P.S: If you’re reading this Santa, I wear a medium… Olive please 🙂

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