Polar To Launch New RCX5 Tri Specific Watch

Polar RCX5

Polar fans are going crazy lately as small snippets have been released about Polar's new triathlon specific watch, the RCX5. The Polar forum is buzzing and Chris from Polar USA has been uploading pictures and videos to both Twitter and Facebook in advance of the upcoming launch sometime early this summer. 

Recording your heart rate throughout, the RCX5 is meant to facilitate the transition between sensors used in the various triathlon sports. For each of swimming, cycling and running, you can program which sensors you use as well as what information you would like to show on the extra large watch display. 

One of the neat new features for the RCX5 is the ZoneOptimizer, which enables the triathlon watch to evaluate your pre-workout state and adjust your heart rate zones up or down accordingly. This means you get the right intensity workout based on your body condition that day.

Polar G5 GPS Sensor

Along with the RCX5 triathlon watch, Polar will release the new G5 GPS sensor. The G5 GPS is much smaller and will come with a USB rechargeable battery, a big improvement over the current model. To enable heart rate monitoring during swimming, it appears Polar has also created a new waterproof heart rate strap, the WearLink+ Hybrid.  

At the beginning of each sport, simply tell the watch what you are about to do and the triathlon watch will display your key performance indicators for that leg of the race or workout. When you switch to the bike, the GPS sensor will record your route, while data from your speed and cadence sensors is picked up.

If you notice in the video, it appears Alex is using the Look/Polar power pedals on his bike as well.  For running, the RCX5 will work with the Polar S3+ stride sensor on your shoe so you can monitor your cadence, pace and heart rate. 

Some early European pricing was leaked that shows the RCX5 being sold alone or with sensor packages. Prices range from €299.90 for just the RCX5, WearLink+ Hybrid heart rate strap and Data Link, to €399.90 if you throw in the G5 GPS Sensor and arm band.  

The RCX5 triathlon watch works with the Polar Person Trainer website through the included Data Link. Upload your data at the end of your workout so you can analyze your multisport training session, map your performance over your route, or follow your training load and recovery status in order to adjust your training schedule. 

No word yet on the actual RCX5 release date, but it will most likely be within the next month or two. 


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