One Pair Of Snow Goggles For Every Condition

Julbo Universe Goggle

For all you East Coast skiers, where a full bluebird day is all too rare, these snow goggles with photochromic lenses will be at the top of your holiday list next season. For the rest of us, it means no more wrong lens on the hill and no more blind rides in constantly changing light – just one pair of snow goggles for every condition on the mountain. 

Julbo Universe ($220) and Luna Goggles: More versatile and user friendly, photochromic lenses are a great way to deal with ever changing light conditions. For Fall 2014, Julbo adds the new Snow Tiger lens to their photochromic lineup. The lens quickly transforms from a Category 2 to Category 3 in brighter conditions with a Glare Filter to cut down on glare and reflection. 


Zeal Optics Polarized Automatic Lens ($150): The Polarized + Photochromic lens technology is built to adjust to changing light conditions, whether it be a bluebird day or blasting sideways snow. This can range from low light yellow at 48% VLT to a high contrast gunmetal grey at 18% VLT. You can find the Polarized Automatic lens in the Eclipse snow goggles ($250), among others. 

Uvex Snowstrike

Uvex Snowstrike Variotronic ($499): The first snow goggles with intelligent Liquid Crystal Display lenses, the battery operated system can change the color of the lens within 0.1s. in automatic or manual mode (push of a button). In automatic mode, a photocell sensor recognizes the prevailing light conditions and instantly switches the lens from light to dark and vice versa. 

By far the coolest are the new Uvex Snowstrike but what are your general thoughts on photochromic lenses in snow goggles? I personally like them for mountain biking so will be interested to try the lenses for skiing rather than having to constantly switch between lens colors. 

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