Petzl Glacier and Ski Mountaineering Ice Axes

Petzl Ice Axe

For 2015, Petzl adds a couple new lines of ice axes to their collection. Meant for ski mountaineering, basic glacier travel, and intermediate climbing on varied terrain (classic mountaineering), the new ice axes round out the otherwise highly technical lineup for Petzl.

The Glacier and Glacier Literide are built for glacier travel and ski mountaineering. The straight-shafted Glacier ice axe comes in three different lengths (60 cm, 68 cm, and 75 cm) with an aggressively toothed steel pick and adze built got efficient step cutting. The base of the anodized aluminum shaft features a machined handle for better grip, while the stainless steel spike is great at penetrating hard snow.

Glacier Literide

The Glacier Literide, designed for skiing on glaciers and steep slopes, is much more compact at 50 cm so easy to attach to your pack. You get the same head and spike profile as the Glacier, together with the machined handle at the base of the shaft.

The upper part of the shaft on the updated Summit ice axe is curved for good clearance when climbing. The hot forged steel pick is thin and toothed at the tip, while being wider in the middle for good anchoring in soft snow. Teeth on the upper edge of the pick give bite if you are using the axe in piolet-rampe mode (basically upside down for support). The Summit comes in three lengths—52 cm, 59 cm, and 66 cm.

Petzl Summit EVO

Finally, the Summit EVO will work for all but the most vertical alpine adventures. A hydroformed handle sits at the base of the more aggressively curved upper shaft for easy grip. A textured rubber coating covers the base of the shaft to help you grab hold without interfering in snow penetration. The EVO version features the same head as the Summit, with teeth on the upper edge and tilted adze to properly guide the axe into the snow. The Summit EVO comes in the same three lengths as the Summit.

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