Oakley Airwave 1.5 Now Controls Your VIRB

Oakley Airwave

Looks like Oakley, Recon Instruments, and Garmin held a meeting of the minds in order to create the ultimate in snow goggles. The latest Oakley Airwave 1.5 not only delivers Recon’s heads-up display functionality, but now also enables you to live view and control your Garmin VIRB Elite action camera.

The new Oakley Airwave 1.5 uses a wireless connection (ANT+?) and a specially designed app to allow the goggle’s heads-up display to be used with the Garmin VIRB Elite action camera. Your snow goggles can now show you live video previews, as well as overlay data from the VIRB’s GPS. Glove friendly buttons on the goggles act as a remote control for changing camera features.

The heads-up display in the Oakley Airwave 1.5 integrates GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and more with a host of onboard sensors. The design allows you to navigate resort maps; see jump analytics, speed and altitude; control your music; and locate and track friends on the slopes who have Oakley Airwave goggles or the Recon Engage App on their smartphone.

The Airwave 1.5’s prism technology enables the heads-up display to be perceived as the size of a 14-inch screen when viewed from a distance of 5 feet. Oakley’s Switchlock Technology means you can quickly swap out lenses when the conditions change on the mountain. F3 anti-fog technology is paired with a dual-vented lens design to keep you vision clear all day.

The Garmin VIRB Elite action camera features built-in GPS, an accelerometer and an altimeter, and data seen in the Airwave 1.5 heads-up display can be overlaid onto the video recording. Aerodynamic and water resistant with an IPX7 rating, the camera has a rugged design that does not require a case for most activities, and the battery provides up to three hours of recording in full 1080p HD video. The VIRB Elite also has a 1.4″ Chroma display for convenient preview and playback.

The new Oakley Airwave 1.5  snow goggles retail for $649 and are available now. Bring on the snow!

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