A Snap To Change Lenses With Giro Contact

Giro Contact

Switching out your goggle lenses as the conditions change on the mountain makes the experience that much more enjoyable and some could argue safe. But with most interchange goggles, it’s a tedious and brute force task at best. To let you focus on skiing and not your snow goggles, Giro has made switching your lenses as simple as pushing a button.

The new Giro Contact goggles feature a lens lined with self-locating rare earth magnets and a secure locking mechanism in its semi-frameless design. This combination makes for fast, easy, accurate, and secure goggle lens interchange.

In the aptly named Snapshot Lens Interchange System, the goggle lens automatically snaps into place and locks down securely upon contact with the frame–the lens is guided by the magnets so you don’t ever have to worry about getting it into the right position. To change lenses, you simply depress the shutter button on the top on the goggle frame, release the lens, and insert the next lens of your choice. No brute force required.

Giro Contact Goggle

Giro’s EXV (Expansive View) Technology creates increased peripheral vision and boasts an overall expanded field of view while keeping the goggle frame compact and wearable. Offered in select models with lenses by ZEISS, EXV goggles provide unobstructed, panoramic views and crystal clear premium optics.

The lenses are treated with an anti-fog coating to prevent them from steaming up, while the Contact frame uses a triple layer face foam with micro-fleece for extra comfort. Every pair of the Contact snow goggles includes two lenses (a full-sun or all-conditions lens and a low-light lens), and an ergonomic protective goggle and spare lens case for travel and day trips on the mountain in your pocket or pack.

The Giro Contact will be available in August 2015 and retail for $240–they are seamlessly compatible with all Giro snow helmets.

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